My Six Samurai Deck

Monster Cards-

The Six Samurai- Zanji

The Six Samurai- Irou

The Six Samurai- Nisashi

The Six Samurai- Yaichi

The Six Samurai- Kamon

Six Samurai- AWESOME!!

The Six Samurai- Yariza

Grandmaster of the Six Samurai

Elder of the Six Samurai

Hand of the Six Samurai

Chamberlain of the Six Samurai

Lengendary Six Samurai- Kizan

Lengendary Six Samurai- Mizuho

Lengendary Six Samurai- Kageki

Lengendary Six Samurai- Enishi

Spirit of the Six Samurai

Great Shogun Shien

Shien's Advisor

Enishi, Shien'sChancellor

Little Trooper

Shien's Daredevil

Shien's Footsoldier

The Immortal Bushi


Dark hole

The A. Forces

Reinforcement of the Army

The Warrior Returning Alive

Six Samurai United

Gateway of the Six

Shien's Smoke Signal

Cunning of the Six Samurai

Temple of the Six

Shien's Dojo

Six Strike- Triple Impact


Magic Cylinder

Draining Shield

Nitwit Outwit

Dimension Slice

Rivalry of the Warlords

Return of the Six Samurai

Fiendish Chain

Musakani Magatama

Shien's Scheme

Six Strike- Thunder Blast

Six Strike- Dual Wield

Extra Deck-

Number 39: Utopia

Number 91: Thunder Spark Dragon

Shadow of the Six Samurai- Shien

Photon Pallioperative

Gem-knight Pearl

I built this deck my self with the Samurai Warlords Structure Deck and booster packs.

If u have any recommendations then please comment=).


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