hello i just wanted to put my deck on here to get some opinions on it. the basic point of me deck is not to counter my opponent but it is just for maximum draw power using things like dmoc to bring back graceful charity or pot of greed then removing him with cyber valley the big combo that i have cost 6000 life points if u can afford it but it is worth the 12 cards u draw from it, the combo is dmoc 2 cyber valley and something else removed from play use dimension fusion bring them back and get a spell card from graveyard then remove the 4 monsters from play draw 4 cards then different dimension riencarnation on dmoc and get dimension fusion back then giant trunade dmoc is gone the use dimension fusion get back giant trunade remove the 4 draw 4 then do it one more time u get 12 cards out of it and u can still bring back dmoc one more time with d.d.r. so if u like it or have some sugestions please
Chaos Emperor Dragon by yamatanorochi674
let me know.

monsters: chaos:

chaos emperor dragon-envoy of the end

black luster soldier-envoy of the beginning

chaos sorcerer

dark magician of chaos

Non light/dark:

morphing jar



effect velier x2

cyber valley x2

magician of faith

thunder king dai-oh


Dark monsters:

d.d. scout plane

necro gardna

cyber jar

cyber ouroboros

destiny hero-disk commander


witch of the black forrest


graceful charity

pot of greed

allure of drakness

painful choice

dimension fusion

giant trunade

d.d.r.- different dimension reincarnation

gold sarcophagus

soul release

a feather of the pheonix

book of taiyou

monster reborn

premature burial

harpies feather duster



burial from a different dimension

foolish burial


escape from the drak dimension

solemn judgment

so the only cards i have to counter my opponent are 2 effect veliers, thunder king rai-oh, necro gardna and solemn judgment i do want to get rid of the traps in the deck and have it only for draw power with spelly and monsters the deck is not really for tornaments it is basicaly for having turns that take a long time to do but you draw 80% of your deck and thenm devestate your opponents firld and hand so let me know what you think please and if u can make it faster that would be appreciated.

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