mist jam block by sam marchese


one of my deck combos (by the way i run a costum deck filled with my combos) is the mist jam block (i made the name as well as the combo up) it has revival jam jam defender and mist body. becuz jam requires 1000 points 4 re-viving it could be to risky...... but if u mist bod it then not only will it not b distroyed BUT if u have jam defender on the fild ur opponent will just b attacking nothing so just park it in def mode and ur good to go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I know what ur thinken: what r the chanses of u drawin all 3 of those cards my advice, (and what i do) is run 2 of each of those 3 cards, and or run this combo: the MIRACLE MST WORKER it has 2 cards miracle flipper, and mist body (AND YES I LIKE USEING MIST BODY) this makes it so ur opponent cant attack anything els but miracle flipper and it uses alought less space as the MIST JAM COMBO (wich i think will b band after i use it or some other idiot just kiddin) noy only dose it use more space BUT when ur opponent finaly distoys it with a trap/spell theyll get a suprise ........ a destoyed monster thats all 4 now if u want more combos just e-mail me @ or look 4 my facebook its: sam marchese thanks ill b posting more soon.

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