My deck needs some help. i dont really know much about the new cards but if you think they will help add them. Please and thank you!


sabersaurus x3

skilled dark magician x2

mystic swordsman lv2 x2

mystic swordsman lv4 x2

mystic swordsman lv6

penguin soldier

mask of darkness

trap master

kycoo the ghost destroyer

neo spacian grand mole



destiny hero-dasher

vampire lord

pyramid turtle

luster dragon


winged rhynos


mystical space typhoon

brain control


kishido spirit

card destruction

ekibyo drakmord

lightning vortex

back to square one

nobleman of crossout

soul exchange

bait doll


magic cylinder

negate attack

rising energy

draining shield

dust tornado

magic drain

torrential tribute

call of the haunted

secret barrel

sakuretsu armor

compulsory evacuation device

divine wrath

Anon - First off, burn those cards and buy a synchro set and some boosters. Then buy a dark set and mix those around.

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