&nbsp This deck was made just to duel with my friends. We don't follow tournament rules. == Monster Cards==

Spirit Reaper x2

Gemini Elf

Vorse Raider x2

Horus the Black Flame Dragon LV4

Horus the Black Flame Dragon LV6

Horus the Black Flame Dragon LV8

Dummy Golem

Archfiend Soldier

Reflect Bounder

Flamvell Firedog


Great Maju Garzett

Mobius the Frost Monarch

Raging Flame Sprite

Penguin Soldier

Man-Eater Bug

Slate Warrior


Summoned Skull

Witch of the Black Forest

== 'Spell Cards==

Black Illusion Ritual

Change of Heart

Harpie's Feather Duster x2

Level Up!

Heavy Storm

Pot of Greed


Mystical Space Typhoon x2

Raigeki x2

== Trap Cards==

Royal Decree

Dust Tornado x2

Negate Attack

Ordeal of a Traveler

Spellbinding Circle



Mirror Force x2

Dimension Wall

Magic Cylinder x2

Sakuretsu Armor

Bottomless Trap Hole

Divine Wrath

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