if you like this deck thanks and send me an email and we will duel somewhere in utah


Images (5)
x1 machina defender

x1 machina sniper

x1 mechina soldier

x1 machina force

x1 mobius the frost monarch

x1 kinetic soldier

x1 green gadget

x1 red gadget

x1 yellow gadget

x1 commander covington

x1 umbral soul

x1 blast sphere

x1 mechina peace keeper

x1 machina gearframe

x1 dark magician

x1 magician's valkyria

x1 second booster

x1 raging earth


x1 machina armored unit

x1 blind spot strike

x1 half shut

x1 change of heart

x1 monster reincarnation

x1 enemy controller

x1 lightning vortex

x1 rush recklessly

x1 card destruction

x1 giant trunade

x1 solidarity

x1 double cyclone

x1 lucky iron axe


x1 rope of life

x1 duel of the phantom

x1 magic jammer

x1 rising energy

x1 magic cylinder

x1 sakuretsu armor

x1 raigeki break

x1 strike slash

x1 magic jammer

well thats my deck remember email me at to duel me in utah bye

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