Monsters: Gagaga magician x2 Gogogo golem x2 Wind-up soldier x3 Wind-up bat x2 Wind up dog x2 Wind-up hunter x2 Galaxy-eyes photon dragon Black luster soldier Wind-up rat x2 Wind-up shark x2

Spells: Black luster ritual Monster reborn Xyz reborn x2 Legendary wind-up key Wind-up factory x3 Zenmalfunction x2 Mystical space typhoon x2

Traps: Solem warning x2 Solem judgement Mirror force Mirror mail Negate attack x3

Extra deck Wind-up carrier zenmaity Wind-up arsenal Zenmaioh Wind-up zenmaister Wind-up zenmaines Number 10: illumiknight Number 12: crimson armor ninja Number 17: leviathan dragon Number 34: terror-byte Number 39: utopia x2 Number 96: dark mist

This is the current deck I use for dueling and is very useful, it can adapt to either use traditional wind-up loop strategys or use the numbers to surprise and confuse the opponent and when fire power is nesecary, galaxy eyes photon dragon and black luster soldier can be called upon, this deck also uses a lot of recycling from the graveyard.

However it does need improvement, suggestions welcome.


It's good. BUT WHY GEPD? (Galaxy Eyes Photon Dragon) Take that out. But this really isent a good deck. The strategy Is weak. You can't just come up with a deck with all the popular cards. (In this case, the Numbers) Try a deck with a well structured strategy. Blackwings. Lightsworns. T.G. Those are deck with solid balance. Sure, it can win a few games, it's fast, but it only takes a move by the opponent to knock you out. Cards like Skill Drain. Inzectors. Photons. They could destroy your deck, therefore, causing a win for your opponent. You have to be carefull. EDIT: I just noticed Black Luster Ritural. This card is not suitable for a numbers deck. I JUST WISH PEOPLE COULD BUILD A SOLID DECK WITH NO WEAK POINTS AND IS PREPARED FOR ANYTHING!!! Said from a top 8 champion.

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