Main Deck-

sorcerer of dark magic

diffusion wavemotion

E-hero Avian

dian keto the cure master

Neo-spacian air hummingbird

judgement of anubis

neo-spacian dark panther


cyber tutu

the shallow grave

Red- Eyes B. dragon


Red- Eyes B. chick

Negate attack


draining shield

Time Wizard

Future Fusion

Neo-Spacian glow moss

Monster reborn

Red eyes darkness dragon

Return of the doomed

Card ejector


Breaker the magical warrior

Dust tornado

Dark Magician

Swords of revealing light

Skilled dark magician

Sakuretsu armor

E-hero sparkman

Monster reincarnation

Cyber gymnast

X-head cannon

Mystical space typhoon

Dark magician girl

Magic cylinder

Y-dragon head

The eye of truth

Z-metal tank

Bad reaction to simochi

Decoy dragon

Power bond

Buster blader

Masked dragon

E-hero bubbleman


Twin-Headed bethemoth

Dark Eradicator warlock

Fusion Deck-

Dark paladin

XYZ- dragon cannon

XY- dragon cannon

E-hero mariner

E-hero tempest

E-hero wildedge

Side Deck-

Black luster soldier

Black luster ritual

E-hero wildheart

Spellbinding circle

E-hero bladedge

Return from the different dimension

D-hero doom lord

Mask of the accursed

Gilford the lightning

De- Fusion

Raging flame sprite

Dimensional fissure

Jack's knight

King's knight

Queen's knight

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