ok, this is a deck i made on my own that could keep up becuz all the main stream and teir 1 decks are too expensive. this deck can get up 2 3 synchro monsters out on the 1st turn on average. i tested this, but as the game changes, my deck gets a lil easier to push-over, so i was wondering if anyone had any suggestions on this one. the help would be greatly appreciated. email all changes to me at


Cyber dragon x1

Gorz, the emissionary of darkness x1

Black salvo x1

Blackwing - Gale of the whirlwind x1

Breaker, the magical warrior x1

dekoichi, the battelchained locomotive x2

Des feral imp x2

Krebons x2

marshmellon x1

morphing jar x1

penguin solider x2

psychic commander x1

sangan x1

snowman-eater x2

spell striker x2

x - saber airbellum


Allure of darkness x2

bait doll x2

book of moon x2

emergency teleport x1

heavy storm x1

lightning vortex x1

mystical space typhoon x1

pot of avarice x1

swords of revealing light x1


call of the haunted x1

ceasefire x1

dimensional prison x2

mask of restrict x1

mirror force x1

threatening roar x2

torrential tribute x1


Arcanite magician x1

armory arm x1

black rose dragon x1

blackwing armor master x1

goyo guardian x1

iron chain dragon x2

magical android x2

red dragon archfiend x1

stardust dragon x1

thoughtruler archfiend x1

x - saber urbellum x1

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