This is the strongest deck ive made!!!! Froggys are the best and this deck has beteen all of my friends, who are all really good. Total cards: 56 (58 with Fusions)

Save The Frogs!!!


D.3.S Frog x2


Substitoad x2

Des Frog x3

Star Boy

Treeborn Frog x2

T.a.d.p.o.l.e x3

Mermaid Archer x2

Beezle frog x2

Swap Frog x3

Flip Flop Frog x2

Unifrog x3

Dupe Frog x2

Submarine Frog x3

Poison draw frog


Salvage x2 One for One Polymerization Super Polymerization Pot of Avarice Water Hazard Double Summon Wetlands x3 Legendary Ocean Pride of The Weak De- Fusion Des Croaking x2


Scrap Iron scarcrow Froggy Forcefeild x2 Magic Cylinder Aegis of The Ocean Dragon lord x2 Trap Reclamation Gravity Bind Magic Jammer Graceful Revival x2

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