This is the first time I have ever posted a deck so whatever you say... well... if its helpful awsome if not....oh well i dont have to read your comment. As this is the first deck I have ever posted it may have cards that are banned...i inform you that this is a deck made purly for dueling with friends. I have no intention of going to a tournament. Me and my friends build are decks to best each other... so i have removed some cards from the list that i know are banned if there are any more feel free to let me know which other then that XD be nice

Effect Monsters

  • Armed Dragon Lvl 10
  • Armed Dragon Lvl 7
  • Armed Dragon Lvl 5x3
  • Armed Dragon Lvl 3x3
  • Van'Dalgyon The Dark Dragon Lord
  • Dark Armed Dragon
  • Dragonic Knight
  • Paladin of White Dragon
  • Element Dragon
  • Mirage Dragon
  • Twin-headed Behemoth
  • Masked Dragon x2
  • Lord of D.
  • Nobleman-Eater Bug
  • Man-Eater bug
  • Kaiser Sea Horse
  • Swarm of Locusts
  • Swarm of Scarabs
  • Battle Fader

Normal Monsters

  • Blue - Eyes White Dragon x3
  • Red - Eyes B. Dragon
  • Luster Dragon


  • Inferno Reckless Summon
  • Fissure x2
  • Level Modulation
  • Dark Hole
  • Lightning Vortex
  • Heavy Storm
  • Swords of Revealing Light
  • Monster Reincarnation
  • Change of Heart
  • White Dragon Ritual
  • Shield Crush
  • Dark World Lightning
  • Card Destruction
  • The Flute of Summoning Dragon
  • Monster Reborn

Trap Cards

  • The Grave of Enkindling
  • Trap Hole
  • Magic Cylinder x2
  • Michizure
  • Sakuretsu Armor
  • Negate Attack
  • Rope of Life
  • Threatening Roar
  • Defense Draw
  • Cursed Seal of the Forbidden Spell
  • Forced Back
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