My deck Mainly revolves around earthbound immortals It is the 80 Card maximun with the 15 card sidedeck and 2 Synchro monsters My deck is as follows...

Monster Card's

1XEartbound immortal Wiraqocha Rasca

1XEartbound immortal Ccapac Apu

1XEarthbound immortal Chacu Challhua

1XEarthbound immortal Aslla Piscu

1XPhoenix Gearfried

1XDarklord Zerato

1XBuster Blader

1XBlack Tyranno


1XPaladin Of The Cursed Dragon

1XAkien ShockTrooper

1XGemini Elf

1XBlackwing-Shura The Blue Flame

1XDefender The Magical Knight

1XBlackwing-Kalut The Moon Shadow

1XBlackwing-Gale the Whirlwind

1XProto-Cyber Dragon

1xGigastone Omega

1X Cyber Barrier Dragon


1XDark Cat With White Tail

1XComrade Swordsman Of Landstar

1XSpirit Reaper


1XCrystal seer

Ritual Cards


1XBlack Illusion Ritual

Spell Cards

1XEarthbound Whirlwind

1XMage Power


1XSwords Of Revealing Light

1XCard destruction

1XNatural Tune

1XDark World Dealings

1XSnatch Steal

1XDouble Summon

1XChain Summoning

1XInferno Tempest

1XCost down

1XHeavy Storm

1x Mist Body

1XSpell Shattering Arrow

1XMonster Reborn

1XLightning Vortex

1XSynchro Boost

1XSpell Chronicle

1XRing of Defense

1XFeild barrier

1XDifferent Dimension Capsule

1XChange Of Heart

1XMystic Box

1XMausoleum Of The Emperor

Trap Cards

1XSpellbinding Circle

1XConfusion Chaff

2XMagic Cylinder

1XDraining Sheild

1XUrgent Tuning

1XCall of The Haunted

1XBad reaction to simochi

1XMagic Jammer

1XRevival Gift


1XAttack reflector unit

1XMagical Arm Shield

1XFrozen soul

1XTower of Babel

1XLightforce Sword

1XEnchanted Javelin

1XDark deal

1XNegate Attack

2Xsakuretsu Armor

1XDNA Check up

1XWicked Rebirth


1XDust Tornado

1XTrap Hole

1XReckless Greed

That was my Main Deck If you look at the card if Effects every card Compliments the other so on to my Extra deck....

Extra Deck

1XEarthbound Immortal Cusillu


1XMagical Stone Excavation


1XSerial Spell

1XChorus Of Sanctuary


1XZombie World

1XSoul Release

1XSynchro Boost

1XCall of the mummy

1XSwallows Nest

1XLimut Impulse

Here's some stradegy's with these Cards...

1.First activate Limit Impulse Which Gives you two tokens And they can be used for tribute summons and nothing else then summon out your eathbound Immortal any but if its aslla piscu you can activate the card swallows nest which allows you to tribute one face up winged beast monster on your field and special summon another winged beast monster with the same level and since all Earthbound Immortals are level ten you can tribute Aslla Piscu and Summon Wiraqocha Rasca and devastate your opponent

Synchro Monsters

My personal Favorited Synchro 1X Power Tool Dragon

And 1X Blackwing Armed wing

Thanks and please give good comments I mean I was the state champion in Maryland This year And 4th place World championships this yearThanks again.

Are you serious? You won A tourny and This deck is Traditional.. Unless the Tournies are not Advanced.. There's no way you'll win.


I Agree with TwilightWing. Although I have to disagree with him on a certain point or two... So let me start by saying "WTF". Your deck is an absolutely UNFOCUSED! Yea, you said Earthbound Immortals are the main thing, but look at this! There are a bunch of cards thrown together that don't match up very well, and the only way I can imagine a deck like this winning is if you CHEATED... Because I don't see any way to move through the cards fast enough to pull out anything even remotely powerful. I'm sorry, I just don't see how anyone could possibly lose to this deck... No offense, but I'm more intimidated by a structure deck.

-Recuk, Slaughterer Of Stupid People

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