A Deck built around "Naturia Extrio"

Recommended Main Deck Cards

Staple Extra Cards

  • x3 Naturia Barkion (6)
  • x3 Naturia Beast (5)
  • x3 Naturia Exterio
  • x3 Naturia Landoise (7)
  • x3 Naturia Leodrake (9)

Staple Monster Cards

  • x3 Naturia White Oak (4)
  • x1 Naturia Dragonfly (4)
  • x1 Naturia Fruitfly (3)
  • x3 Naturia Beans (2)
  • x3 Naturia Rosewip (T-3)
  • X3 Naturia Cosmobeat (T-2)
  • x3 Naturia Tulip (T-2)
  • x2 Naturia Vein (T-1)
  • x3 Naturia Sunflower (2)
  • x3 Naturia Ragweed (3)

Staple Spell Cards

  • x3 Naturia Forest
  • x3 Miracle Fertilizer
  • x3 Mark of the Rose
  • x3 The Wolrd Tree
  • x1 Monster Reborn
  • x1 Call of the Hunted

Staple Trap Cards

  • x3 Urgent Tuning
  • x3 Pollinosis
  • x1 Wall of Thorns

Card Name Card Type Card Effect Type(s) Effect Advantages Activation Drawbacks Attribute Level Type ATK DEF
Naturia Antjaw Effect Monster Trigger 1 (Level 3) S.S. Foe S.S. Earth 2 Insect/Effect 400 200
Naturia Bamboochute Effect Monster Continuous/Trigger Foe can't activate Spell & Trap Cards Use a "Naturia" as Tribute for T.S. Earth 5 Plant/Effect 2000 2000
Naturia Beans Effect Monster Continuous/Trigger

Can't be destroyed by battle &

Inflict 500 Damage to foe's L.P.

Once Per Turn &

When Attacked

Earth 2 Plant/Effect 100 1200
Naturia Beetle Effect Monster Continuous

Every time a S.C. is activated

switch the original ATK & DEF of this card

Earth 4 Insect/Effect 400 1800
Naturia Butterfly Effect Monster Trigger Negate an attack

Once per turn &

Send top card of your Deck to Graveyard

Earth 3 Insect/Tuner 500 1200
Naturia Cosmobeat Effect Monster Trigger S.S. Itself Foe N.S. or Sets a Monster Earth 2 Plant/Tuner 1000 700
Naturia Dragonfly Effect Monster Earth
Naturia Fruitfly Effect Monster Earth
Effect Monster Earth
Effect Monster Earth
Effect Monster Earth
Effect Monster Earth
Naturia White Oak Effect Monster Quick Earth 4 Plant/Effect 1800 1400
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