Monster Cards (21):

  • 3x Svartalf of the Nordic Alfar
  • 3x Ljosalf of the Nordic Alfar
  • 3x Dverg of the Nordic Alfar
  • 1x Vanadis of the Nordic Ascendant
  • 2x Arcane Apprentice
  • 3x The Tricky
  • 1x Endymion, The Master Magician
  • 1x Magical Exemplar
  • 1x Silent Magician LV4
  • 1x Silent Magician LV8
  • 1x Dark Magician
  • 1x Arcanite Magician/Assault Mode

Spell Cards (9):

  • 1x Ancient Rules
  • 1x Summoner's Art
  • 1x Super Polymerization
  • 1x Monster Reborn
  • 1x Nordic Relic Draupnir
  • 1x Lightning Vortex
  • 1x Secret Village of the Spellcasters
  • 1x Magical Dimension
  • 1x Magical Citadel of Endymion

Trap Cards (11):

  • 1x Nordic Relic Laevateinn
  • 1x Nordic Relic Gungnir
  • 1x Nordic Relic Brisingamen
  • 2x Magic Cylinder
  • 1x Spellbinding Circle
  • 3x Pitch-Black Power Stone
  • 1x Assault Mode Activate
  • 1x Magician's Circle

Extra Deck (4):

  • 1x Arcanite Magician
  • 1x Explosive Magician
  • 1x Loki, Lord of the Aesir
  • 1x Supreme Arcanite Magician
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