Ok guys

this is going to be all about FTK and OTK decks! anyway I will be talking about afew that I put together and feel free to leave any sujestions for me on how to make these decks better.

first up is reasoning otk now this deck revolves around three cards reasoning, that wacky magic! And gren maju da eiza. It revolves around milling as many spell cards into the graveyard as possible with reasoning then activating that wacky magic! To banish all spell cards in your grave and destroying all monsters with 300x the banished cards defence or less. Gren maju da eiza will gain 400 attack for rack card banished this way. This deck does have a major weakness cards that destroy your monsters when they attack because you have little to no way of getting your monsters back.

next my batteryman otk/ ftk (rarely ftks) pritty self explanatory micro cell into 9v into which ever full cell or charger it's situational. Then you can otk with the right cards. Be warned this deck is very venerable to cards such as torrential tribute because you put your entire hand into an otk And if they bomb your field you have a hard time recovering so trap stun is a must in this deck.

trident dragon otk is more complicated and I can be bothered explaining it at the momment so just mess around with it against some people and you will figure it out it frequently otks and ftks If used right.

Everyone should know the hero/ electrum otk ring and if not look up how to on youtube it kills your opponent with effect damage.

Yosenju any build is good really but they were servearly nerfed after vanitys went to one. Just use the basic build for this one and you should otk frequently.

and last but not least we have the asura priest otk it revolves around asura priest getting extra attack from a spell card anything that gives 700 or more. And using ojama trio to give your opponent 3 tokens with 0 attack. Use a card like final attack order to turn them to attack and attack with you powered up asura priest dealing them 900 from the tokens effs pouts the battle damage from asuras attacks should be enough to kill them if not rethink your build it's clearly not right.

if you need these decks to be explained more to you YouTube or other pages on this sight will go into more elaborate descriptions of these decks have fun guys and if you have any questions just message me on my profile.

sorry guys I couldn't figure out how to show you my deck profiles so when I find out ill post them on this tread or on my personal profile page.

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