Light Spirit by spookypatrol

The Light


I'm Ollie and there's great deal you got to know when you duel me. I switch between my 3 main decks. It's best to think of them as Rock, Paper, Scissors:

My Rock is a steady and stable Burn Deck which uses a classic barrage of spells and traps to stall and damage for an average of 8 turns. And then win, of course. For monsters, the side deck is made up to compensate with some added Fire-power.

Paper is a fast-paced, action packed, hard hitting Lightsworn Deck and nothing else. The main asset to this deck is speed although it misses a Judgement Dragon. Even so it is simply powerful when it comes to field destruction. Average win in 7 turns.

Finally Scissors revolves around a Mill Deck with Flip Effects. It counters Lightsworn Decks perfectly and makes extensive use of cards like Mophing Jar and Morphing Jar #2. Average win in 16 turns

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