This deck is based on 40-60 cards

MONSERS Magics Trap

Exodia the forbidden one Mausoleum of the emperor Spell Shield type-8
The right arm of the forbidden one Mausoleum of the emperor Trap hole
The left arm of the forbidden one Axe of despair bottomless trap hole
The right leg of the forbidden one Field barrier Adhesion trap hole
The left leg of the forbidden one De Spell Spellbinding circle
Jinzo Ancient gear fist Rare metalmorph
Jinzo Ancient gear fist Magical arm shield
Jinzo Lord Ribbon of rebirth Draining shield
Perfect Machine King Soul reversal Shadow spell
Cyber dragon Future Fusion Ultimate offering
Ancient gear golem Future Fusion Dust tornado
Ancient gear golem Lightning vortex Sakuretsu Armor
Anceint gear beast Ancient gear castle Magic Cylinder
Needle worm fighting spirit Mirror force
Twin-Barrel dragon Swords of revealing light
X-headed canon Mystical space typhoon
Y-dragon canon Tribute to the doom
Z-metal tank Spell shattering arrow
Blast Sphere
Ancient gear Gadjiltron chimera
Canon soldier
Emes the infinity
Exiled Force
Mechanical Hound
Gear golem the moving fortress
Obelisk the Tormentor
Ultimate ancient gear golem
XYZ-Dangon canon
Electric virus

WOW WHAT A GREAT EXODIA DECK ( sarcasm) (Blackwing_Talon)

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