Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon 1

Photon Deck

This deck is based on the summoning LIGHT-attribute "Photon" monsters. This deck has many goals: Summoning Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon or Summoning Neo Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon.


Main Deck:

-Photon Lizard (x3) -Photon Ceasar (x3) -Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon (x2) -Photon Wyvern (x2) -Photon Sabre Tiger (x3) -Polymerization (x1) -Photon Crusher (x1) -Photon Circle (x3) -Photon Thrasher (x2) -Regulus (x1) -Double Summon (x3) -Photon Leo (x3) -Photon Cerberus (x1) -Spiritual Light Art - Hijiri (x2) -Barrier Statue Of The Heavens (x1) -Monster Reborn (x2) -Mirror Force (x2) -XYZ Reborn (x1) -XYZ Veil (x1) -Photon Veil (x3) -Photon Sanctuary (x2) -Negate Attack (x2) -Star Changer (x3)

Extra Deck:

-Photon Strike Bounzer (x1) -Photon Papilloperative (x2) -Neo Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon (x1) -Number 39: Utopia (x1) -Number 25: Force Focus (x1) -One-Eyed Skill Gainer (x1) -Gagaga Cowboy (x1)

Side Deck:

-Photon Crusher (x1) -Regulus (x1)

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