This deck uses the Gadgets and Ultimate Offering to summon massive monsters like Slifer the Sky Dragon to lock down summons, Beast King Barbaros to clear the field and Obelisk the Tormenter as well as The Wicked Dreadroot as beaters.

This deck can now utilise the new "Xyz" monsters, mainly rank 4 ones because of the Gadgets. With Ultimate Offering you can summon up to 4 in one turn, including



Beast King Barbaros x3

Obelisk the Tormentor x1

Slifer the Sky Dragon x2

The Wicked Dreadroot x1

Green Gadget x3

Red Gadget x3

Yellow Gadget x3

Scrap Recycler x1

Sangan x1

Giant Rat x1

Summoner Monk x1


Hand Destruction x2

Pot of Avarice x2

Heavy Storm x1

Giant Trunade x1

Gold Sarcophagus x1

Lightning Vortex x1

Limiter Removal x1

Hammer Shot x1

Smashing Ground x1


Ultimate Offering x3

Reckless Greed x1

Grave of the Super Ancient Organism x3

Royal Opression x1

Spell Shield Type-8 x1

Seven Tools of the Bandit x1

Extra Deck:

No. 39- Utopia x3

Vylon Disigma x3 (once released in TCG)

Vrz Ouroboros x3 (once released in TCG)

NOTE: This deck is not real, just an idea.

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