Blackwings are all about swarming the field with monsters and then beating in your opponent. This decklist is what I personally use. One great strategy is to use sirrocco the dawn's effect on armed wing to boost it's attack sky high and then attack and win with trample damage, using something like delta crow-anti reverse beforehand to clear all of their spells + traps. For a pro quality blackwing deck following the most recent banlist, you want to go for this decklist(I haven't included allure of darkness as I don't like it but some people like to use it)

Main deck:


Blackwing shura the blue flame x3

Blackwing blizzard the far north x2

Blackwing sirocco the dawn x2

Blackwing elphin the raven

Blackwing kochi the daybreak

Blackwing kalut the moon shadow

Blackwing gale the whirlwind

Blackwing bora the spear x3

Blackwing mistral the silver shield

Blackwing vayu the emblem of honour

Dark armed dragon

Morphing jar


Swords of revealing light

Black whirlwind

Dark eruption

Giant trunade

Monster reborn

Pot of avarice

Cards for black feathers x2

Against the wind

It is reccommended to add more dark eruptions and against the winds, however it is best to take cards out for them to keep the deck count at 40.


Black return x2

Icarus attack x2

Mirror force

Bottomless trap hole x2

Delta crow anti reverse x2

Compulsory evacuation device x2

Dark illusion x2

Extra Deck:

Blackwing armor master x3

Blackwing armed wing x3

Vortex the whirlwind x3

Stardust Dragon x2

Blackwing silverwind the ascendant x2

Black winged dragon x2

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