Here we go with my idea of a psychic synchro zombie deck!!!

Monsters: 20

Goblin zombie x2 Il blud x2 Krebons x3 Mezuki Paladin of the Cursed Dragon Plaguespreader Zombie Psychic Jumper x2 Pyramid Turtle x2 Red-Eyes Zombie Dragon Ryu Kokki Spirit Reaper Zombie Master x3

Spells: 18

Bait Doll Book of Life x3 Brain Control E-tele Field Barrier Foolish Burial Lightning Vortex Mystical Space Typhoon Solidarity x2 Swords of revealing Light Terraforming x2 Zombie World x3

Traps: 2

Royal Decree x2

Extra Deck: 15

Brionac, Dragon of the Ice Barrier Dark End Dragon x3 Doomkaise Dragon Flamvell Urquizas Goyo Guardian Iron Chain Dragon x2 Red Dragon Archfiend Revived King Ha Des x3 Stardust Dragon Thought Ruler Archfiend

Their you go hope I did good!!!

Why not add in 3 @ZombieMasters

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