This is my Rai-Mei deck.

Feel free to use this recipe as you like.

This deck is meant to be a cheap, easy to use deck that you can take to locals and have fun with, and who knows you might win.


Honest x 1

Shining Angel x 3

Copycat x 3

Cyber Valley x 1

Skelengel x 1

Dreamsprite x 1

Zaborg the Thunder Monarch x 1

Arcana Force 0 The Fool x 1

Guldfaxe of the Nordic Beasts x 1

Freed the Brave Wanderer x 3

Thunder Nyan Nyan x 1


Photon Lead x 3

Stray Lambs x 1

Luminous Spark x 1

Dark Hole X 1

Monster Reborn x 1

Mystical Space Typhoon x 2

Heavy Storm x 1


Torrential Tribute x 1

Trap Hole x 2

Seven Tools of the Bandit x 1

Mirror Force x 1

Shadow Spell x 3

Trap Jammer x 1

Magic Jammer x 1

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