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Ancient Sacred Wyvern

This deck is focused around the build-up and support of the Synchro monster, "Ancient Sacred Wyvern". It plays in a mixture of Life Point control, quick summoning and some beatdown mechanics.

Deck List

Monster Cards (24):

  • 3x Hyper Synchron
  • 3x Jade Knight
  • 2x Marauding Captain
  • 1x Marshmallon
  • 3x Nimble Momonga
  • 1x Summoner Monk
  • 3x Skull-Mark Ladybug
  • 3x Sunny Pixie
  • 2x Turbo Rocket
  • 3x Marie the Fallen One

Spell Cards (13):

  • 3x Cestus of Dagla
  • 1x Foolish Burial
  • 1x Heavy Storm
  • 1x Mystical Space Typhoon
  • 2x Mystik Wok
  • 1x One for One
  • 2x Supremacy Berry
  • 2x United We Stand

Trap (13)

  • 2x Aegis of Gaia
  • 2x Bottomless Trap Hole
  • 1x Call of the Haunted
  • 3x Draining Shield
  • 2x Life Absorbing Machine
  • 1x Magic Cylinder
  • 1x Torrential Tribute
  • 1x Ultimate Offering

Extra Deck (8):

  • 2x Armory Arm
  • 2x Ancient Sacred Wyvern
  • 2x Thought Ruler Archfiend
  • 2x Turbo Cannon


Ideally, you'll be using your earlier monsters to bolster your Life Point score, via such cards as Nimble Momonga, Skull-Mark Ladybug and such. Cestus of Dagra can be used on some of your low-level monsters to boost their ability to fight for you. If the enemy has an early hard-hitter that you weren't able to Bottomless Trap Hole, you can either Torrential Tribute, or use your Draining Shields/Magic Cylinder to stall for a Synchro to fight back with, such as Turbo Cannon or Thought Ruler Archfiend. Ideally, you want a healthy Life Point lead by the time your Ancient Sacred Wyvern comes out. If you start falling behind (perhaps against a Life Point burn deck, or simple unlucky draws against a Beatdown), you have Supremacy Berry to keep you healthy. And worse comes to worse, there are Foolish Burial and Call of the Haunted to draw out something suitable in an emergency. Overall, it's a fun deck to play, and pretty hard to punish once the Wyvern's out. Especially if he's been granted one or both of the Life Absorbing Machines.

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