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A Sanctuary in the Sky Deck is a fairy-based deck in which this card is used to negate damage involving fairies in battle. You can find all usable cards with this field spell in 11th structure deck, Wave of Flashing Light.

This deck can become more indepth by concentrating on Airknight Parshath and Neo-Parshath, the Sky Paladin by converting it into a fairy toolbox deck. This toolbox is created with monsters like Shining Angel and new from 11th structure deck, Nova Summoner. These monsters combined with Sanctuary in the Sky will allow the player to pull out Airknight Parshath fast without taking damage in the process. This will then lead up to Neo-Parshath.

It is to say that without The Sanctuary in the Sky this strategy will fail so it is recommended to use as many that are allowed. You can use Zeradias, Herald of Heaven to get the field spell out quickly or Terraforming would do even nicely. Also because many of your searching monsters will be sent to the graveyard quickly it is very handy to throw in Pot of Avarice for a fresh start.

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