Im designing a deck that consists on using "Savage Colosseum" and stall cards like "Swords of Revealing light" or "scrap iron scarecrow" to destroy much of my opponents monsters and summon some earthbound inmortals.

especially "earthbound inmortal chacu challhua", that if in defense position can prevent the opponent from attacking. as duels get very long with this deck i also added some milling.

I'd be grateful if you could give me some ideas for the deck.

Monsters x20


earthbound inmortal chacu challhua x1

earthbound inmortal ccarayhua x1

earthbound inmortal asilla piscu x1

Needle worm x2

Defender of the ice barrier x3

marshmallon x1

an owl of luck x3

blizzard dragon x2

reese the ice mistress x1

necro gardna x2

medusa worm x1

sangan x1

magician of faith x2

Spells x10


swords of revealing light x2

savage colosseum x3

terraforming x2

nightmare's steelcage x1

mystical space typhoon x1

my body as a shield x 1

Traps x10


gravity bind x1

scrap iron scarecrow x2

mirror force x1

dimensional prison x1

negate attack x1

threating roar x2

Divine wrath x1

dark bribe x1

Blackwing_Talon : Swords Of Revealing Light is limited btw. Of course you dont really need to mill because the earthbound's are aggresive so keep 1 earthbound on the field alone and ur opponent cant attack without something like skill drain.

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