this deck is to inflict pain


blue eyes white dragon x3

junk syncron x1

gandora the dragon of distrution x1

the bistro butcher x3

sangan x1

cyber jar x1

la jinn the mystical genie of the lamp x1

blackwing - blizzard the far north x1

red eyes b. dragon x1

red eyes b. chick x1

caius the shadow monarch x1

blackwing- -fane the steel chain x1

white horned dragon x1

dark magician x1

mechanicalchaser x1

witch of he black forest x1

patrician of darkness x1

ritual monsters:

relinquished x1

synchro monsters:

junk warrior x1

hundred eyes dragon x1

blackwing armor master x1

fusion monsters:

blue eyes ultimate dragon x1


axe of dispare x2

mystic plasma zone x1

gravekeeper's servent x1

polymerization x1

contract with the abyss x1

different dimension capsule x1

pot of greed x1

dian keto the cure master x1

monster reborn x1

hidden armory x1


curse of darkness x2

chain burst x1

jugment of anubis x1

light of intervention x1

magic cylinder x1

enchanted javalin x1

shadow spell x1

chaos burst x1

threatning roar x1

draining sheald x1

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