Shadow Dragons

The 3 main Cards in the deck.

This deck is an all Dark attribute deck and revolves around mulitple combos for the 3 Dragon-types and the other dark monsters. Now many people know that there are many Dark attribute decks out there but most of the ones i see are high level monster decks with cards like, Dark Creator, Dark Nephthys, and Dark Horus. This deck revolves around 3 Dark attribute Dragon-type monsters: Dark Armed Dragon; Diabolos, King of the Abyss; and Van'Dalgyon, the Dark Dragon Lord. I made this deck from scratch when i originally made it by randomly putting cards together on my Yugioh World Championship 2010 game and found out it's a very powerful deck.

Here is the deck list:

Monster Cards (19):

Spell Cards (7):

Trap Cards (15):

If you like please leave your rating of the deck and any comments you may have they are greatly appreciated.

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