This deck makes use of The Six Samurai and D.D. cards, rarely using the graveyard, in order to fill up the field and cut off the opponent's graveyard support. The quick spawning of the samurai fills up the field with attack power, using equip cards to prevent destruction and/or add attack, and using Trap Stun to cancel Macro Cosmos on your side of the field for a turn if you need to put monsters in your graveyard for Enishi (new or old).


1x Great Shogun Shien

1x Enishi, Shien's Chancellor

1x Legendary Six Samurai Enishi

1x Legendary Six Samurai Kageki

1x Six Samurai Irou

2x Six Samurai Zanji

2x Six Samurai Yaichi

1x Six Samurai Kizan

2x Six Samurai Kamon

1x Six Samurai Nisashi

2x Legendary Six Samurai Mizuho

2x Legendary Six Samurai Shinai

2x D.D. Assailant

2x D.D.M. Different Dimension Master


2x Macro Cosmos

1x Return From the Different Dimension

1x Fiendish Chain

2x Trap Stun

1x Musakani Magatama

1x Scrap-iron Scarecrow

1x Magic Jammer

1x Trap Jammer


2x Dimensional Fissure

1x D.D.R. - Different Dimension Reincarnation

1x Reinforcement of the Army

1x Mystical Space Typhoon

1x Legendary Ebon Steed

1x Mist Body

1x Giant Trunade

1x Swords of Revealing Light

1x Mage Power

1x Double Summon

2x Shien's Castle of Mist (or 2x Temple of the Six)

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