Main Deck: 58 cards

Monsters: 28 cards

Arcanite Magician/Assault Mode-1

Endymion, the Master Magician-2

Chaos Sorcerer-1

Dark Red Enchanter-1

Magical Marionette-2

Crusader of Endymion-1

Breaker the Magical Warrior-2

Defender, the Magical Knight-2

Magical Exemplar-3

Rapid-Fire Magician-1

Skilled Dark Magician-1

Summoner Monk-1

Tuned Magician-1

Junk Synchron-2

Apprentice Magician-3

Frequency Magician-2

Crystal Seer-2

Spells: 18 cards

Magical Citadel of Endymion-3

Field Barrier-1


Spell Absorption-2

Book of Moon-1

Magical Dimension-2

Mystical Space Typhoon-1

Mage Power-1

Brain Control-1

Foolish Burial-1

Magical Blast-1

Spell Power Grasp-3

Swords of Revealing Light-1


Tribute to the Doomed-1

Traps: 9 cards

Pitch-Black Power Stone-3


Magic Jammer-1

Assault Mode Activate-1

Magic Cylinder-1

Raigeki Break-1

Scrap-Iron Scarecrow-1

Extra Deck: 2 cards

Arcanite Magician-1

Tempest Magician-1

Deck Strategy/Explanation:

The main theme of this deck is field control. By utilizing the effects of cards such as Arcanite Magician, Breaker the Magical Warrior, and Magical Marionette, you can effectively wipe your opponent's field clean, then go for game with powerful direct attacks. First, your main objective is to obtain and play Magical Citadel of Endymion, the field spell and the heart of the deck. With this card, you can store Spell Counters that your monsters can use in order to activate their effects. Use your searcher cards, such as Terraforming, Apprentice Magician, Crystal Seer, and Summoner Monk, to thin out your deck so that you can find Magical Citadel of Endymion as quickly as possible. Next, your secondary objective is to Synchro Summon either Tempest Magician or Arcanite Magician. Arcanite Magician is the best field control card that this deck has; by removing one Spell Counter from a card you control, like Magical Citadel of Endymion, you can destroy one card your opponent controls. So, with at least 8 Spell Counters on your side of the field, then using the 2 Spell Counters that Arcanite Magician gains when it is Summoned, you can blow up your opponent's field in one fell sweep! Also, Arcanite Magician gains 1000 ATK for every Spell Counter on it, so combined with Crusader of Endymion, you can make Arcanite Magician a devastating beatstick as well. Tempest Magician is an amazing card as well, with a massive burn effect that, when combined with cards like Magical Citadel of Endymion, can possibly end the duel in one turn. By removing one Spell Counter from a card you control, you can inflict 500 damage to your opponent's Life Points. You can also discard any ammount of cards to add one Spell Counter per card you discard to a card you control that can hold Spell Counters; so, you can reload cards that don't normally gain Spell Counters, such as Breaker the Magical Warrior and Defender, the Magical Knight. I hope you enjoy my deck!

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