This deck focuses on depleting the opponent's deck rapidly through several different ways, either by drawing cards via cards like Destiny Hero Defender and Card Destruction, or through staple milling cards like Gravekeeper's Servant and Iron Chain monsters, particularly Iron Chain Snake. This deck has some counter measures to protect itself though. Skull invitation can damage both player's life points, so Prime Material Dragon is a nice card to have, and the 3 copies of Nimble Momonga give a nice boost to life points in the right circumstances. Scapegoat has some good uses, mostly for putting tokens on the field that the opponent will (most likely) have to attack, and with the proper cards on the field, they will be burning cards, losing lifepoints, and losing options quick. I had considered Macro Cosmos for its RFP power, but it's just one more continuous trap on the field and it isn't totally necessary for this deck to obtain a win. If a player feels the necessity of RFP calling, then they can always Side-deck a copy for their own security. I do not have any copies of Needle Worm, I would love to slip it into the deck though. I will consider it a Side-deck card anyway, since it does have good burning effects but simply becomes dead weight once it's in the graveyard. Hidden Book of Spell is great for reaching back into the graveyard and pulling out spells that your opponent has taken out or that you would simply like back, such as scapegoat, for another potential round of stalling. Mirage Dragon is a nice card to have, the trap-blocking power is welcome when you need to land attacks with the Iron Chain monsters, namely Repairman. Des Koala is a bit of a novelty, if you want to bug your opponent and do a little extra damage. It's a good second-turn flip. Penguin Soldier is nice if you want to put your opponent's offenses in a pinch for a turn or two, especially if they already paid the burn-a-card cost of Gravekeeper's Servant and then attack, losing that monster and another to their hand again (that would also be a nice setup for a next-turn card destruction with Rai-Oh on the field).


3x Nimble Momonga

1x Prime Material Dragon

1x Mist Valley Falcon

1x Sangan

1x Des Koala

2x Dread Dragon

1x Thunder King Rai-Oh

2x Iron Chain Coil

2x Iron Chain Repairman

2x Iron Chain Snake

1x Necro Gardna

1x Penguin Soldier

2x Mirage Dragon

1x Destiny Hero-Defender

(1x Dark Simorgh, I don't have this card but it works in the deck)


1x Bait Doll

1x Card Destruction

3x Gravekeeper's Servant

1x Paralyzing Chain

1x Book of Moon

1x Magical Stone Excavation

1x Mystical Space Typhoon

1x Scapegoat

1x Book of Eclipse

1x The Dark Door


1x Sakuretsu Armor

1x Waboku

1x Coffin Seller

1x Hidden Book of Spell

1x Magic Jammer

1x Skull Invitation

1x Mirror Force

1x Destruction Jammer


2x Iron Chain Dragon

1x Ally of Justice Catastor

2x Stardust Dragon

1x Black-Winged Dragon

2x Flamvell Uruquizas

1x Thought Ruler Archfiend

Potential Side Deck options:

Macro Cosmos/Dimensional Fissure/Banisher of the Radiance- RFP power, cluttering contin. Spell/Trap though

Needle Worm- extra milling power

another Book of Eclipse- more heavy draw power

Royal Decree- nice for traps, but yet another field-cluttering contin. trap!

extra copies of Prime Material Dragon/Rai-Oh, just workin' with what I've got

Substitutes for Iron Chain Monsters, if their dynamic isn't your way to play

Monster Reborn

The Transmigration Prophecy-putting Momongas back in your deck, or other high-value monsters

for good fun. try this with Convulsion of Nature. Your opponent gets to see the cards they have to burn before they attack, it has no strategy really, except for cost evaluation, but it's a bit of a morale breaker. "Oh you like your Scrap Monsters? Your Six Samurais? Your Gladiator Beasts? Well you can't have em!"

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