Junk Synchron X3

Road Synchron X1

Turbo Synchron X1

Drill Synchron X1

Quickdraw Synchron X1

Nitro Synchron X1

stardust phantom X1

Boost Warrior X1

Fortress Warrior X1

Level Eater X1

Justice Bringer X1

Max Warrior X1

Speed Warrior X1

Turbo Booster X1

Quillbolt Hedgehog X1

Shield Warrior X1

Tuningware X1

Synchron Explorer X1

Zero Gardna X1

A/D changer X1

Shield wing X1

Turret Warrior X1

Stardust Xiaolong X1


Scrap-Iron Scarecrow X3

Defense Draw X1

Spirit Force X1

Widespread Ruin X1

Synchro material X1

xing zhen hu X1

chivalry X1

Dust Tornado X1

Negate Attack X1

Torrental Tribute X1

Call Of The Haunted X1


Synchro Blast Wave X1

Nightmare's steelcage X1

Smashing Ground X1

Monster Reborn X1

Tribute to the doom X1

Lightning Vortex X1

Pot Of Avarice X1

Swords of Revealing Light X1

Scapegoat X1

Mystical Space Typhoon X2

Enemy Controller X1

Extra Deck:

Formula Synchron X1

Stardust Dragon X1

Shooting Star Dragon X1

Junk Beserker X1

Junk Gardna X1

Drill Warrior X1

Junk Destroyer X2

Junk Archer X1

Junk Warrior X3

Nitro Warrior X1

Turbo Warrior X1

Road Warrior X1

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