Traps: Non-Fusion Area, Negate Attack, Dragon Rage, Metamorph, Mirror Force, Royal Oppression, Mind Crush, Spirit Force, Miracle Force, Assualt Mode Activate, Threatening Roar, Mispolymerization, Call of The Haunted

Spell: Monster Reborn, Dimensional Fissure, Swords of Revealing Light, Wave Motion Cannon, Monster Reincarnation, Dark Hole, Heavy Storm, Mystical Space Typhoon, Double Summon, Symbols of Duty, Silver Wing, Synchro Blast Wave, Prohibition, Prevention Star, Lighting Vortex

Magic: Change of Heart, Polymerization, Raigeki

Fusions: Cyber End Dragon, Cyber Twin Dragon,Blackwing Armor Master, Junk Archer, Shooting Star Dragon, Goyo Guardian, Majestic Star Dragon, Majestic Red Dragon, Red Dragon Archfiend, Stardust Dragon, and Junk Destroyer

Monsters: Cyber Dragon x3, Blackwing-Breeze, Blackwing-Ghibli, Axe Raider, Tune Warrior, Time Wizard, Baby Dragon, Majestic Dragon x2, Magna Drago, Curse of Dragon, Gilford the Lightning, Junk Synchron, Zero Gardna, Kinetic Soilder, Hyper Synchron, Water Spirit, Luster Dragon, Blackwing-Mistral, Swift Gaia the Fierce Knight, Baron of the Fiend Sword

I would suggest that ur stars add up 2 around 8,9,7,11,10 because those are most synchro fusion monster stars. You can add thousand dragon or gaia the dragon champion but very effective against a e-hero deck i've had 1st hand experince

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