I made this deck when i first heard of synchro monsters and i thought they were really good cards and with the release of more and more synchro monsters i thought that i should improve it so here it is. My deck obviously revolves on synchro summoning as fast as i can and by using them to deal damage through Synchronised Realm, but my deck also focuses on effect damage and card destruction, anyway hope those of you who read this think it's a good deck anyway.

Normal Monsters Spell Cards

Unicycler Synchronised Realm x2

Effect Monsters Mystical Space Typhoon

Quickdraw Synchron Junk Barrage

Blast Sphere Reload

Tricular Lightning Vortex

Bicular The Warrior Returning Alive

Blackwing - Sirocco The Dawn Synchro Boost

Max Warrior Pot Of Avarice

Junk Synchron

Flare Resonator Trap Cards

Nitro Synchron Changing Destiny

Turbo Booster Synchro Strike

Road Synchron Widespread Ruin

Drill Synchron Xing Zhen Hu

Debris Dragon Scrap-Iron Scarecrow

Archfiend Interceptor Nature's Reflection

Fire Trooper Call Of The Haunted

Quillbolt Hedgehog Magic Cylinder

Synchro Magnet Defense Draw

Turbo Synchron Just Desserts

Shield Warrior Hidden Book Of Spell

Turret Warrior Lightforce Sword

Create Resonator Mirror Force

Attack Gainer The Paths Of Destiny

Sakuretsu Armor

Synchro Monsters Spellbinding Circle

Stardust Dragon

Red Dragon Archfiend

Black Rose Dragon

Ancient Fairy Dragon

Black-Winged Dragon

Power Tool Dragon

Junk Destroyer

Drill Warrior

Junk Warrior

Nitro Warrior

Turbo Warrior

Road Warrior

Collosal Fighter

Chaos King Archfiend

Formula Synchron

Shooting Star Dragon

Red Nova Dragon

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