Stardust Ride

I Accel Synchro better than Yusei!

This is my personal deck recipe. Not exactly meta-game, but still decent enough to at least be able to keep up to speed with most of them. Most importantly, the main deck itself is considerably cheaper than others, although the Extra Deck can cost quite a bit.

  • Note: This deck is no longer legal in the OCG and TCG Advanced formats. I have no intentions to modify this into a legal one, but I do suggest Symphonic Warrior Bassist or Unknown Synchron for the tuners and AOJ Field Marshal for Trishula.


Glow-Up Bulb


Tuning Supporter X2

Morphing Jar

Zombie Carrier

Junk Synchron X3

BF-Gale the Whirlwind

Fire Ant Ascator


Spell Striker

The Tricky X3

Priest of the Sun X3

Necro Gardna


Reinforcement of the Army

Monster Reborn

Pot of Avarice

One for One

Cyclone X2

Heavy Storm


Mirror Force

Torrential Tribute

Call of the Haunted X2

Starlight Road

Limit Reverse X2

Seven Tools of the Bandit X3

Solemn Judgment

Bottomless Trap Hole X2

Extra Deck(15)

Formula Synchron

Arms Aid

TG Hyper Librarian

Brionac, Dragon of the Ice Barrier

Arcanite Magician

Black Rose Dragon

Stardust Dragon X2

Gigantech Fighter

Scrap Dragon

Red Demons Dragon

Trishula, Dragon of the Ice Barrier

Shooting Star Dragon X2

Keeper of Genesis, Tiras

The rest is pretty much standard. The deck's main idea is to rapidly Synchro Summon, while at the same time keeping your hand power constant with TG Hyper Librarian and Formula Synchron, then utilizing the various abilities of the Synchro Monsters to wreak havoc on the opponent. In case that fails, here's some back-ups.

Side Deck(15)

Sound Warrior Bassis(Flexibility, as well as being LV1, good for Formula Synchron)

Red Nova Dragon(Just in case I run into Machina deck)

Interdimensional Matter Transporter X3 (Purely to irritate the opponent XD)

Dark Hole (Useful, but usually I am the one with bigger monsters so...)

Create Resonator (LV3 tuner that Special Summons itself. Meant to sub Fire Ant Ascator for extra speed and one-turn Nova)

No. 17 Revise Dragon(The deck features many LV3 Tuners and non-Tuners and Brionac isn't always the best choice)

Gravity Breakdown X2(Anti-Swarming. Heavy cost, but very effective against Legendary Six Samurais and Blackwing)

Dark Resonator(Primarily as a LV3 Tuner, secondary as a stalling mechanic. Meant to sub Fire Ant Ascator as well)

Skill Drain X2(Also to jam Kristya, Cactus Bouncer and other monsters whose effects resolve on the field, like Brionac and JD. The deck is still capable of raw beat-down using Colossal, with Stardust Dragon covering for him.)

Tyrant's Temper X2(Epic when used in conjunction with Skill Drain. It effectively jams all your opponent's traps without negating your own. Just remember not to put together with Interdimensional Matter Transporter.)

Now, don't underestimate the power of Interdimensional Matter Transporter. It irritates Monarchs a lot. Also, it can be frustrating when opponent tries to use Black Rose Dragon or Brionac to get rid of your big monsters and suddenly, it's out of range, and is coming back next turn for revenge. Seven Tools of the Bandit is also useful, when opponent pays half or 2000 of his life or to negate a summoning while you counter that with just 1000 LP. Sound Warrior Bassist is there because of its flexibility--it adjusts its own level to match your need, and if ever needed, it has a secondary function as an Xyz Material. If it is a friendly match with no Extra Deck limit, the following cards can be considered for fun.

Armory Arm(Yes, a second copy)

No. 39 Aspiring Emperor Hope(This is the reason for above)

Shooting Quasar Dragon(For the fun of "Achievement Unlocked")

T.G. Blade Blaster(Alternative Accel Synchro if you are not using Stardust Dragon)

T.G. Recipro Dragonfly(Purely to support Quasar, and combos well with Blade Blaster)

Shooting Quasar Dragon, T.G. Blade Blaster and T.G. Recipro Dragonfly may be inserted into the Side Deck, preferably all at once to support the easy summoning of Shooting Quasar Dragon.

That's all for now! I'll update it when my deck is modified.

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