My deck is basically a synchro deck. It is based around sending low level monsters to the graveyard to use graveyard control to synchro summon as quickly as possible.

Alright here it is.


Quickdraw Synchron x3

Junk Synchron x3

Quillbolt Hedgehog x3

Level Eater x2

Speed Warrior x2

Turret Warrior x2

Dandylion x1

Drill Synchron x1

Synchron Explorer x1

Kuraz the Light Monarch x1

Road Synchron x1

Krebons x1

Tune Warrior x1

Cyber Valley x1

Cyber Dragonx1


Card Rotator x2

Reinforcement of the Army x1

Heavy Storm x1

The Warrior Returning Alive x1

Card Destruction x1

Enemy Controller x1

Double Summon x1


Widespread Ruin x1

Scrap-Iron Scarecrow x1

Reinforce Truth x1

Threatening Roar x1

Rope Of Life x1

Spirit Force x1

Time Machine x1

Rising Energy x1

Sakuretsu Armor x1

Extra Deck 15

Road Warrior x1

Junk Destroyer x1

Colossal Fighter x1

Nitro Warrior x2

Junk Archer x1

X-Saber Urbellum x1

Ancient Fairy Dragon x1

Turbo Warrior x1

Gaia Knight, The Force of the Earth x1

Iron Chain Dragon x1

Junk Warrior x2

X-Saber Wayne x1

Armory Arm x1

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