Hi this is my first deck I'm posting. I hope it isn't failure

My deck that I've been building is called Synchro Warriors Deck type: red. Why red? ZIts because the sleeves and deck box is red.


Normal Monsters

Tune Warrior (x2)

Effect Monsters

QuickDraw Synchron

Spririt Caller

Jutte Fighter

Synchron Explorer

Command Knight

Rocket Warrior

Marauding Captain

Rapid Warrior

Fortress Warrior

Speed Warrior

Turret Warrior

Frontier Wiseman

Quilbolt Hedgehog

Junk Synchron (x3)

Twin-Sword Marauder

Turbo Synchron

Nitro Synchron

Exiled Force


Banner of Courage

Battle Tuned

The Warrior Returning Alive

Black Pendant

Synchro Blast Wave

The A. Forces

Hammer Shot

Junk Barrage

Mind Trust

Lightning Blade


Reinforcement of the Army

Monster Reincarnation

Synchro Boost


Ready for Intercepting

Magic Cylinder

Syncro Strike

Dust Tornado (x3)

Sakuretsu Armor (x2)

Scrap-Iron Scarecrow (x3)

Trap Hole

Jar of Greed

Syncro Deflector

Extra Deck

Junk Destroyer

Junk Archer

Junk Warrior

Turbo Warrior

Colossal Fightor

Nitro Warrior

X-Saber Wayne


So basically, its a type of "swarm" deck Utilysing most of the effects of the monsters in my deck. But at the same time, raising the attack of your monsters with Command Knight and Sogen. As this is going on you have to also

are trying to syncro summon monsters as well. For defence, all those trap cards. If you can get all 3 Scrap-Iron Scarecrows by luck, your set. The 3 Dust Tornadoes will help out the trap cards in this deck. I hope this deck doesn't fail and I hope it'll win duels for me


Nice deck, try adding in an Armory Arm and a Dandylion. Pretty cool cards. - Kidstatic

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