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Wind deck


3x Hunter owl

3x Bladefly

3x Delta flyer

3x Flying kamakiri

1x Sasuke samurai #2

1x Sasuke samurai #4

1x Lady ninja yae

1x Winged rhynos

1x Garuda the wind spirit

1x 4-starred ladybug of doom

1x Swift birdman joe

1x Raiza the storm monarch


3x Rising air current

1x Mystical space typhoon

1x Shrink

1x Giant trunade

1x Lightning vortex

1x Fissure


2x Spiritual wind art - Miyabi

2x Gozen match

2x Bottomless trap hole

2x Sakuretsu armor

1x Magic cylinder

1x Negate attack

1x threatening roar

1x Scrap-iron scarecrow

Extra Deck:

3x Stardust dragon

Please leave comment anytime.

My Harpie deck


Spell cards:

Trap cards:



My Dragon Deck! Please Rate and give advice!


Versago the Desteroyer-1

Blackland Fire Dragon-1

Buster Blader-1

Please give me your comments and rating!

Appropriate Exodia◄ -- Zortron (talk) 19:17, May 10, 2013 (UTC)

Reflect Deck

Yugooh deck help needed

I use to play yugioh alot when I was younger,but not so much these days, I dug out a shoe box of my old cards and found my first deck and thought I'd post it online and get peoples ideas on it, keeping in mind I use to play back in 2002-2005 so cards weren't as great as they are these days...moving on...


1x red eyes black chick,2x masked dragon, 1x armed dragon lv3, 1x mirage dragon,1x spear dragon, 1x koumori dragon, 1x harpies pet baby dragon, 1x luster dragon, 1x warrior Dai grepher, 1x goblin attack force, chthonian soldier, 1x mystical elf, 2x hitotsu me giant. 1x curse of dragon, 1x armed dragon lvl5, 1x red eyes black dragon, 1x dark magician, 1x blue eyes white dragon.


1-altar for tribute 1-aqua chorus 1-call of the haunted 1-gift of the mystical elf 1-spell binding circle 1-cemetary bomb 1-ultimate offering


1-soul absorption 1-dark hole 1-mountain 1-swords of revealing light 1-fissure 1-change of heart 1-Dian keto the cure master 1-monster reborn 1- pot of avarice 1- despell 1-remove trap 1- ookazi

anyway, this is my deck, its 40cards incase no one counted, I can't use more then 40, plans and strategy becomes difficult...

well let me know what you all think :) 13:58, November 16, 2013 (UTC)Ben aka

Rate my Stun deck

I combined a barrier stun deck with another antimeta deck I found and it has been very succesful. I urge you to try it out before you leave any comments. Any monsters that funton better then my trap cards would be helpful

x1 Barrier statue of the abyss

x2 Barrier statue of the heavens

x1 cyber dragon

x2 D.D. warrior lady

x3 Fossil Dyna Pachycephalo

x2Achlord Kristya

x2 MAjesty's fiend x2 Ghost Destroyerx1 Thunder King Rai

x1 Traptrix Myrmeleo

x1 Forrbidden Lance, You can try running two and tell me how that goes

x1 Terraforming

x1 Mausoleum of the emporer

x2 Mystical Space Typhoon

x3 Pot of duality

X2 Kaiser Colosseum

x1 The Seal of Orichalcos

x1 Call of the haunted

x1 Compulory Ejectulation Device

x2 Dimensional Prison

x2 Mirror force

X2 Prideful roar

x2 Safe Zone

x1 Trap Hole Nightmare

x1 Bottomless Trap Hole 10:19, December 26, 2014 (UTC)Dazi

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