Tech Genus

This deck format operates much like a deck based around Junk Synchron. Low level monsters are used for synchro summons for monsters like T.G. Hyper Librarian and T.G. Wonder Magician, then bring back the low level T.G. non-synchro requirements like T.G. Catapult Dragon for more synchro summons with Junk Synchron. Glow-Up Bulb can also operate in the deck, as the player can discard low-level monsters from the hand with One-For-One and for Glow-Up, and then bring back the discards with Junk Synchron and Debri Dragon, fulfilling requirements for other monsters in the hand like Doppelwarrior, which can be used as synchro material for low-level tokens for synchro summons for Recipro Dragonfly and even Formula Synchron, giving this deck potential to synchro for Shooting Star Dragon. With Hyper Librarian as first synchro priority, the player can then attempt to draw into more cards, summoning faster and then using TGX3-DX2 for even more cards and strategic options. T.G. jet falcon is eliminated from the deck to make room for better options like a Dandylion, Doppelwarrior, Debris Dragon, and Junk Synchron. Other good options for the deck include Effect Veiler to help negate popular cards like Legendary Six Samurai Shi En's effect and take a chance to destroy it or bring it to your side of the field with TG1-EM1, then destroy the T.G. you just gave your opponent and search for more T.G. monsters. Protecting low-attack monsters is important, so generous use of Bottomless Trap Hole, Solemn Warning, Dimensional Prison, and Black Horn of Heaven is recommended. If the opponent sneaks strong monsters past this defense with cards like Royal Decree, a good offense is the best defense; use cards which boost your attack like TGX300. Ideal synchro monsters include some T.G. synchros, but generous use of non T.G. synchros too; Formula Synchron, Stardust Dragon, and Shooting Star Dragon work very well, especilly since Junk Synchron can bring back Formula Synchron temporarily if it was destroyed, just in time for a Shooting Star Dragon, a potentially game-winning move. Junk Synchron is helped out by TGX300, gaining attack if you have T.G. monsters out already- a Junk Synchron with 2100 ATK is quite fearsome indeed!

Recommended Monsters

T.G. Cyber Magician

T.G. Rush Rhino

T.G. Warwolf

T.G. Striker

T.G. Catapult Dragon

Junk Synchron


Debris Dragon


Effect Veiler

Battle Fader

Ryko, Lightsworn Hunter

Glow-Up Bulb

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