The strongest card in my deck

My Techno Dragon deck is a deck that mostly uses two of my two favorite types of monsters, Dragons and Machines. The magic cards I use help to strengthen the cards and my trap cards prevent their destruction. I do also have a few monsters in my deck that don't fit into the two types I use in this deck, those cards are used mainly to protect my life points if necessary aside from few good cards I have in this deck that aren't dragons or machines.


Earthbound Immortal Chacu Challhua

W-Wing Catapult

Machine King Prototype

Gadget Soldier

Guardian of the Throne Room

Acrobat Monkey

Cyber Ogre

Sword Hunter

Magician of Faith

Luster Dragon

Mind Protector

V-Tiger Jet

Witch of the Black Forest

Cyber Kirin

Destiny Hero - Defender


Scary Moth

Koumori Dragon

Pitch-Dark Dragon

Spirit Ryu

Gray Wing

Masked Dragon

Spell Cards

Graceful Dice

Swords of Revealing Light

Monster Reborn

Dian Keto the Cure Master

Mausoleum Of The Emperor

Lightning Vortex

Lightning Blade (Used with my warrior monsters)

Advance Force

Graceful Charity

Release Restraint Wave

Red Medicine

Sword of Dark Destruction

Nightmare's Steelcage

Heavy Storm

Linear Accelerator Cannon


Sword of Deep Seated

Shield & Sword

Mystical Space Typhoon

Stamping Destruction

Trap Cards

Dragon's Roar

Pharaoh's Treasure

Cumpulsory Evacuation Device

Slip of Fortune

Light of Intervention

Magic Jammer

Draining Shield

Trap Jammer

Byroad Sacrifice

Burst Breath

Extra Deck

Sun Dragon Inti

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