The Blue-Eyed Dragon's Chaotic Descent is a Deck that I made by combining elements from Dragons Collide and Saga of Blue-Eyes White Dragon. NOTE: This Deck remains incomplete.

Play Style

The Deck's strategy is to self-mill and swarm, like any other Chaos Deck. I use "Lightsworn" and "Darkflare Dragon" to fill my Graveyard with dragons to either Summon them with "Redmd" or to banish them for other monsters/card effects. I use Maiden with Eyes of Blue to Summon Blue-Eyes (I use Castle of Dragon Souls to target her), then I Summon Azure-Eyes (mainly when my opponent has a lot of set Spell and Trap cards). Due to Azure-Eyes' effect, either my Blue-Eyes or another dragon will be revived on my next turn.



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