Strengths: speed, recycling cards, Lp and atk boosts

Weaknesses: Infinite dimissal, cards that kill magics and traps, dimentinal fissure/macro cosmosAce776 17:18, October 24, 2010 (UTC)


  • 2x Batteryman Industrial Strength (good overall atk and awesome effect)
  • 2x Super Electromagnetic Voltech Dragon (only one sacrifice required for a possible 3400 atk mons)
  • 1x The Creator (High defense and good for summoning)
  • 1x Reshef the Dark Being (Makes every spell a potential change of heart)
  • 1x Wattwoodpecker (Bost atk enough for an otk in 2 turns)
  • 3x Batteryman AA (no thunder deck is complete without it)
  • 3x Batteryman D (most mons under lv 5 cant get by it, also redirects atks)
  • 2x Batteryman Micro-cell (Good for a swarm)
  • 2x The Calculator (good if you have alot of mons or just one high lv one)
  • 1x Batteryman Charger ( Good powerhouse and swarmer at same time)'


  • 1x Spell Absorbsion (turns a bad situation into a LP boost)
  • 1x Quick Charger (Good for recycling)
  • 1x Fountain in the Sky (Good for cards that cant be Recyled, LP boost)
  • 1x Luminous Spark (Feild Spell that benifits all except creator and "D"
  • 1x Final Ritual of the aincents (Must for reshef)
  • 1x Solidarity (Good if Reshef isnt in you Grave)
  • 1x Mystical Space Typhoon (Staple)
  • 1x Lightning Vortex (Staple)
  • 1x Monster Gate (Good unless you get micro cell)
  • 3x Battery Charger (Batteryman spicfic monster reborn, for a cost)
  • 2x Double Summon (Basic swarm)
  • 2x Short Circuit (Clears the feild for batteryman OTK)
  • 2x Inferno Reckless Summon (Basic Swarm)
  • 1x Mirical Dig (To Recycle Industrial used cards)
  • 1x Shine Palace (Atk Booster)
  • 2x Recyleing Batterys (Does exatly what it says)
  • 1x Wattcine( Excellent card for LP)
  • 2x Wattcube (Great for boost)


  • 1x Srap-Iron Scarecrow (staple)
  • 3x Portable Battery Pack (Recycle)
  • 2x Dust Tornado (Staple)
  • 1x Magical Hats (Protect your monsters)

I was going to add the new batterymen

Give me any Ideas you want (Deck related)

  • Add Zaborg the Thunder Momarch cause he's so awsome and beats everthing
  • no, i dont have enough room anyway, voltech is close in atack powe and has a more benificial effect
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