So, this is the deck I play in real life, and it differs greatly from newer strategies (mostly because I've been with the game since it started). I've filled the deck with lot's of strong monsters that are fairly easy to summon, and I've tried to account for as much as possible with my spells and traps. I know something like this deck is uncommon these days, but it works well for me. Hope you like it! And if not, well that's just too bad. This deck fluctuates on a fairly frequent basis, so I will try to update the page to keep things fairly accurate.


1x Ghost Gardna

1x The White Stone of Legend

1x Trigon (Ancient Sacred Wyvern is a Synchro that requires a Light Tuner, which there are three of in this deck (all below level 4). This union monster can be useful for getting one of them back if you had to tribute one for another monster).

1x Jutte Fighter

2x Wattfox

1x Yomi Ship

1x Shield Warrior

1x E. Hero Bubbleman

1x E. Hero Avian

1x E. Hero Burstinatrix

1x E. Hero Woodsman

1x E. Hero Wildheart

1x Cold Enchanter

1x Kaiser Seahorse

1x Vorse Raider

2x Cyber Ogre

1x Mystic Swordsman Lv2

1x Mystic Swordsman Lv4

1x Armed Dragon Lv3

1x Armed Dragon Lv5

1x Horus' Servant

1x Horus The Black Flame Dragon Lv6

1x Horus The Black Flame Dragon Lv8

1x Mobius The Frost Monarch

1x Summoned Skull 1x Sacred Phoenix of Nephthys (works great for cards that require a discard from the hand to activate, i.e. Magic Jammer, Raigeki Break, Lightning Vortex, etc.)

1x Buster Blade

1x Infernal Flame Emperor

1x Ocean Dragon Lord - Neo Daedalus

1x Blue-Eyes White Dragon

1x Ancient Gear Golem

1x Super Conductor Tyranno


1x Prevention Star

1x Nobleman of Extermination

1x Hammer Shot

1x Riryoku

1x Heavy Storm

1x A Legendary Ocean

1x Swords of Revealing Light

1x Polymerization

1x Mystical Space Typhoon

1x Axe of Despair

1x Wicked-Breaking Flamberge - Baou

1x Pot of Avarice

1x Lightning Vortex

1x Fusion Gate


1x Seven Tools of The Bandit

2x Sakuretsu Armor

1x Torrential Tribute

2x Negate Attack

1x Magic Cylinder

1x Magic Jammer

1x Ordeal of a Traveler

1x Call of the Haunted

1x Raigeki Break

1x Draining Shield

Extra Deck

1x Ancient Sacredy Wyvern

1x E. Hero Flame Wingman

1x E. Hero Mariner

1x Cyber Ogre 2

1x Chimeratech Overdragon

1x Chimeratech Fortress Dragon

1x Black-Winged Dragon

1x Black Rose Dragon

1x Stardust Dragon

Side Deck

I have a lot of machine monsters in the side deck, because they are generally good cards, and I can switch them out with the dragons in the main deck, just in case I'm playing against someone that runs either a Buster Blader or a Dragon Capture Jar (like myself).

1x Barrel Dragon

1x Ancient Gear Gadjiltron Dragon

1x Proto-Cyber Dragon

1x Green Gadget

1x Yellow Gadget

1x Red Gadget

1x Quillbolt Hedgehog

1x Black Tyranno

1x Nobleman of Crossout

1x Fairy Meteor Crush

1x Flash of the Forbidden Spell (combos well with Ojama Trio)

1x Chythonian Polymer (in case they run a lot of fusion monsters)

1x Dust Tornado

1x Dragon Capture Jar

1x Ojama Trio (great against Blackwings or X-Sabers, that both focus on swarming).


Feel free to post any comments or suggestions for this deck in this section, I'm always open for advice.

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