"Trick Magic" revolves around using the effect of The Tricky to discard Ojamagic, allowing you to retrieve the monsters Ojama Green, Ojama Black, and Ojama Yellow. Once these monsters are available, the player then fuses them into Ojama King or Ojama Knight, and then activate Ground Collapse to lock down your opponent's Monster Card Zones. After blocking you opponent from summoning monsters, the player then keeps attacking with The Tricky while using Counter Trap Cards to stop your opponent's Spell Cards and Trap Cards until he or she wins.

The strategy may sound weird, but this lockdown can be pulled off on the first turn of the duel! For example, you start with Rescue Cat, The Tricky, Fusion Gate, Ojamagic, and let's say two counter traps. You Special Summon The Tricky by discarding Ojamagic, fetching three of the Ojamas. Then, you Normal Summon Rescue Cat, and use it's effect to special two more Ojama monsters. Then, activate Fusion Gate and Fusion Summon Ojama King and Ojama Knight, preventing your opponent from summoning monster. Then, set the two counter traps.

Cards recommended for this deck

Monster Cards

Spell Cards

Trap Cards

Other trap cards that can negate you opponent's cards.

Extra Deck

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