This is a deck built from a dragunity base that revolves around getting trident dragion out, then using his effect to go for an easy OTK. Its main plays revolve around abusing Dragunity Aklys and Dragunity Arma Leyvaten in order to quickly clear the opponent's field and get a Trident Dragion out for game. It also uses a limited amount of blackwings to make a Barcha combo possible, but I also mainly use Barcha for getting Trident out. Here's the list.


Dragunity Arma Leyvaten - 3 Use with Dragunity Phalanx to Synchro Summon Trident Dragion.

Dragunity Phalanx - 3 Universally the best tuner in the deck.

Dragunity Aklys - 3 destruction power and/or faster combos.

Dragunity Dux - 3 great card for synchroes

Dragunity Legionnaire - 3 mainly removal to special summon leycaten because dux has more uses, but legionnaire can also be good for destruction or synchro for a level 5

Dragunity Arma Mystletainn - 2 send tuners while they are equipped (mainly aklys) to special summon, then continue combo. also a great card to destroy with trident

blackwing - sirocco the dawn - 3 use this with vayu for armed wing, then get a tuner out, synchro for barcha

blackwing - vayu the emblem of honor - 2 use this with sirocco for armed wing, then get a tuner out, synchro for barcha

effect veiler - 2 mainly just because theyre awesome this format


dragon ravine - 3 discard blackwings or others, then either search out or dump one engine to the graveyard.

terraforming - 2 search out dragon ravine

future fusion - 1 use with 5 headed dragon, but mainly just to get the more significant dragons into the graveyard (best if pulled earlier)

foolish burial - usually dump 1 blackwing because there is no other way the get them into the graveyard except by discarding with ravine, but also useful for other plays

cards of consonance - 1 dump a tuner from hand, then what is essentially pot of greed

dark hole - destruction galore

monster reborn - 1 awesome for last stand plays

pot of avarice - 1 recycle mystletainn, dux, legionnaire, and effect veiler (also synchroes)


Bottomless Trap hole - 2 stops summons

torrential tribute - 1 destruction power

mirror force - 1 keeps the deck alive

solemn judgment - 1 negation


trident dragion - 3 basis for OTK

dragunity knight - vajrayana - 3 use dux with phalanx, then equip this with phalanx to go for 8, OR equip this with aklys, send it to the graveyard and attack for 3800

ally of justice catastor - 1 allows legionnaire to lead into a synchro is nessecary

brionac, dragon of the ice barrier - 1 option for a level 6 synchro

stardust dragon - 2 prevents destruction

colossal fighter - 1 gets a huge ATK boost if playing against a warrior - based deck, also stalls until an OTK is allowed

scrap dragon - 1 combos great with dragunity aklys

blackwing armed wing - 1 goes into barcha

dragunity knight barcha - 1 equip it with as many aklys's as possible and at least 1 phalanx, then synchro phalanx with it for trident, and each aklys will get its effect, effectively clearing the opponent's field

five-headed dragon - 1 cool if it comes out but mainly there so future fusion is an option

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