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This deck is an otk ftk deck revolving around a hieratic blue-eyes base and focuses on abusing hieratic tribute effects for easy access to synchro material for trident dragion. The main ftk hand will be around 3-4 hieratic monsters and 2-3 backrow cards, whiles an otk won't be as perfect as that. I'll go ahead and give you a basic deck list.

monsters 20

3x maiden with eyes of blue

2x blue-eyes white dragon

1x flamvell guard

1x galaxy serpent

2x any Lv 6 normal monster preferably non tuner

3x hieratic dragon of su

2x hieratic dragon of tefnuit

3x hieratic dragon of eset

2x hieratic dragon of nebthet

1x red-eyes darkness metal dragon

spells 9

1x Raigeki

1x soul charge

2x hieratic seal of convocation

3x mystical space typhoon

2x dragon shrine

traps 11

3 waboku Or mirror force ( I use 2 waboku and 1 mirror force )

1x bottomless trap hole

1x compusary evacuation divise

3x trapstun

3x call of the haunted

extra deck 15

2x trident dragion

3x asure-eyes silver dragon

1x scrap dragon or any other Lv 8 synchro

1x stardust spark dragon (stall/ protection)

1x michel, the arch-lightsworn

1x utopia beyond hope (reduces attack to 0 so you can otk through monsters.)

2x hieratic dragon king of atum

4x other monsters what ever you find helpful.

Side deck 0

15x what ever you want.

test this deck and any tips on how to improve it are appreciated.

this deck is up to date with the 13/4/2015 Ban list.

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