The Tsukuyomi Lockdown was very popular in Japan, but was decimated in the March 2006 List changes, and totally eradicated in the September 2006 List changes.

It involved the following cards:

The aim is to keep flipping Mask of Darkness getting back either Time Seal or Curse of Anubis, and using Tsukuyomi to flip it face-down again, to keep re-using it's effect. You may set and activate Time Seal/Curse of Anubis, beyond Cathedral of Nobles. Use Curse of Anubis if you want to block the opponent's attacks, and Time Seal if your opponent is ready to draw cards.

This is obviously best attempted with a clear field and minimal cards in your opponent's hand.

Another popular Tsukuyomi Lockdown appeared in the Spellcaster's Judgment Structure Deck. It involved:

The aim is to keep flipping Magician of Faith getting back Spell Cards from the Graveyard to re-use and summoning Tsukuyomi to flip it face-down again, re-using its effect, while protecting yourself with Swords of Revealing Light, and when Swords of Revealing Light is destroyed, use Magician of Faith to bring it back, preventing your opponent from attacking. The same combo works with Swords of Concealing Light, using Witch of the Black Forest as a core to the end of this combo, being flipped to Defense Position by Tsukuyomi

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