my  most powerful deck,i've worked days on it and watch what came from! It's made as a warrior and synchro deck.

The most synchros and tuners aren't warriors but it's powerful. This deck shows that different kinds of warriors can work together (elemental heros,x-sabers,synchrons,d.d.,and much more) My big secret is my calculator,whit it's level times 300 it's immediatly very strong (4000-8000 atk) here is my deck:

extra deck:

syncro cards:

black brutdrago nitro warrior psychic lifetrancer junk warrior road warrior Power Tool Dragon x-saber Urbellum black Rose Dragon fusion cards:

elemental hero chaos neos

normal deck:

monster cards:

elemental hero neos gaia the fierce knight x-saber anu piranha elemental hero sparkman celtic Guardian Road Synchron hyper Synchron x-saber airbellum junk synchron iron chain coil quickdraw synchron dark valkyria gilford the lightning elemental hero bladedge x-saber galahad d.d. assailant elemental hero wildheart d.d. warrior lady obnoxious celtic guard neo-spacian dark phanter speed warrior gear golem the moving fortress quillbolt hedgehog sasuke samurai#1 neo-spacian glow moss the calculator

spell cards:

cup of ace lightning vortex nobleman of crossout ookazi riryoku swords of revealing light the warrior returning alive axe of despair big bang shot horn of the unicorn lightning blade malovent nuzzler 2x luminious spark mausoleum of the emperor field barrier mirage tube mystical space typhoon reload reverse of neos

trap cards:

enchanted javelin raigeki break synchro strike call of the haunted light of intervention robbin' goblin wicked rebirth magic jammer

and that's my deck try to make ot yourself with mirror force and trap jammer,etc;and you will see it's strength thanks for reading see you with my next deck!

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