Here is my ultimate darkness deck. It's completely focused on devastating an opponent with powerful dark cards.


Mist Archfiend

Diabolos, King of the Abyss

Doomcailber Knight

Dark Grepher

Armageddon Knight

Dark Armed Dragon

Doomsday Horror

Fear From the Dark

Archfiend Soldier

Phantom of Chaos

Battle Fader

Dark Hunter

Regenerating Mummy


Yubel - Terror Incarnate

Yubel -The Ultimate Nightmare

Hannibal Necromancer

Darkness Neosphere

Dark Blade

The Supremacy Sun

Dark Crusader

Prometheus, King of the Shadows


Card Guard

Rainbow Dark Dragon

Double Coston


Plague Wolf

Spell Cards

Monster Reborn

The Beginning of the End

Allure of Darkness

Recurring Nightmare

Fires of Doomsday

Heavy Storm

Spell Shattering Arrow

Veil of Darkness

Dark Core

Tribute to the Doomed

Dark Hole

Mystic Plasma Zone

Dark Eruption

Lightning Vortex

Trap Cards

Dark Illusion

Dark Spirit of the Silent

Hate Buster

Eradicator Epidemic Virus

Deck Devastation Virus

Escape From the Dark Dimension

Bottomless Trap Hole

Zoma the Spirit


Nightmare Wheel

Mirror Force

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