Hey, it's Spellghetti. I've taken a look at my Gravekeeper deck and I decided to make some updates. It's not that different as it was before, I just tuned it up a bit.

Monsters (x20)

I added some different monsters and took some out. I took out a Gravekeeper's Guard, since I only need two. I also took out Dark Armed Dragon, since the deck needs to completely revolve around the Necrovalley field spell, and DAD's effect would only get in the way. I originally took out DAD and replaced it with Mobius the Frost Monarch, but I got my hands on another Visionary, so I threw that in.


- Breaker the Magical Warrior x1

- Gravekeeper's Assailant x1

- Gravekeeper's Chief x1

- Gravekeeper's Commandant x2

- Gravekeeper's Descendant x2

- Gravekeeper's Guard x2

- Gravekeeper's Priestess x1

- Gravekeeper's Spear Soldier x2

- Gravekeeper's Spy x3

- Gravekeeper's Visionary x2

- Jinzo x1

- Mystic Tomato x1

- Sangan x1

Spells (x11)

There are now three Necrovalley's. Necrovalley is the key card. Cards in this deck like Gravekeeper's Commandant and Terraforming can easily search it out. Gravekeeper's Stele gives you two Gravekeepers for the price of one card, and its effect is not negated by Necrovalley.


- Book of Moon x2

- Gravekeeper's Stele x1

- Lightning Vortex x1

- Mystical Space Typhoon x2

- Necrovalley x3

- Swords of Revealing Light x1

- Terraforming x1

Traps (x9)

I've added three new traps: Dimensional Prison, Defenders Intersect, and Scrap-Iron Scarecrow.


- Bottomless Trap Hole x1

- Dark Bribe x1

- Defenders Intersect x1

- Dimensional Prison x1

- Divine Wrath x1

- Mirror Force x1

- Royal Decree x1

- Scrap-Iron Scarecrow x1

- Torrential Tribute x1

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