this is a male fic deck of my own idea.

  1. of Monsters: 23

Stardust Dragon/Assualt mode

Malefic Parallel Gear *2

Dark Tinker

Malefic Stardust Dragon

Red-Eyes B. Dragon *2

Quickdraw Synchron

Blue-Eyes White Dragon

Junk Synchron

Frequency Magician

Malefic Blue-Eyes White Dragon

Magna Drago

Turrent Warrior

Mask of Darkness

Damage Eater

Malefic Red-Eyes B. Dragon

Malefic Cyber End Dragon

Attack Gainer

D.D.M.-Different Dimension Master


Reed Butterfly

Winged Kuriboh

  1. of Spells:14

Malefic World *2

Berserker Crush *2

Heart of Clear Water

Twin Swords of Flashing Light-Tryce

Scroll of Bewitchment

Ring of Magnetism

Double Summon

Magical Stone Excavation

Advance Draw

Mage Power

Monster Reborn

Synchro Gift

Blind Spot Strike

Pot of Avarice

  1. of Traps:11

Malefic Claw Stream *3

Kunai With Chain

Meteor Flare

Power Frame

Dust Tornado

Assualt Mode Activate

Power Frame

Hidden Book of Spell

Magic Cylinder

Extra Deck: 11

Fusion Monsters: 1

Cyber End Dragon

Synchro Monsters: 10

Black-Winged Dragon

Stygian Sergents

Junk Gardna

Psychic Lifetracer

Ancient Fairy Dragon

Junk Warrior

Drill Warrior

Shooting Star Dragon

Formula Synchron

Stardust Dragon

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